HOODED EYES DO’S AND DON’TS | Eyeshadow & Eyeliner For Bigger Eyes Makeup Tutorial

HOODED EYES DO’S AND DON’TS | Eyeshadow & Eyeliner For Bigger Eyes Makeup Tutorial


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Comments (20)

  • Honain Satti Reply

    nice and thank you

    June 6, 2018 at 12:44 am
  • Nadia serrano Reply

    Lmaooo my eyeliner looks like the don't part 😭😭😭

    June 6, 2018 at 1:36 am
  • Raymond Alexander Reply

    I think there's a great way to find out more about beauty tips. Just go to google and type: "Blast4beauty". You can find wide range of new ideas to increase your beauty.

    June 6, 2018 at 2:09 am
  • Apples-Girl Reply

    Your mouth is made up too big — out of balance!!

    June 6, 2018 at 2:33 am
  • Paula Suarez Reply

    Finally a helpful video! Thank you! Your video literally changed my life.

    June 6, 2018 at 2:42 am
  • Karen Yott Reply

    Thanks for the helpful video!

    June 6, 2018 at 2:56 am
  • Valentine Bawole Reply


    June 6, 2018 at 3:26 am
  • MyFairSkinLatina Reply

    Great video…new subscriber. I'm glad I found this video

    June 6, 2018 at 3:46 am
  • Наталка Reply

    Never thought of it as a curse. I like it.

    June 6, 2018 at 3:52 am
  • rasika Kaur Reply

    Get rid of your dandruff too, dear.

    June 6, 2018 at 4:15 am
  • Siminthesky Reply

    I have blush above my eyes which i never removed properly and now its like a shadow above my eyes..how can i get this almost tatoodlike shadows away from such area? What will really work?

    June 6, 2018 at 4:24 am
  • Mediana 656 Reply

    I have hooded small eyes, round face (but I am slim) and the distance between the eyes is large. Have somebody any advices ?

    June 6, 2018 at 4:53 am
  • Jen Jen Reply

    I get a Claudia Shiffer vibe from you

    June 6, 2018 at 5:35 am
  • silvermistiredessa Reply

    Mine is super hooded eyes and to top it off my eyelids sag at the outer corners looking like a fat blanket😑I honestly don't know what I am going to do with them

    June 6, 2018 at 5:51 am
  • Mrs. B.S. Reply

    omg THANK YOU!!! thank you for telling the HONEST, SIMPLE TRUTH! And not taking 4 hrs to do it so that i'm more confused in the end than in the beginning. I was about to give up on makeup. I am not even kidding. Thank you SO MUCH for this!!!

    June 6, 2018 at 6:06 am
  • Gaming with deloar Reply

    thnx it really helps me a lot😍😍😍😍

    June 6, 2018 at 7:01 am
  • You can Reply


    June 6, 2018 at 7:47 am
  • Vanessa The Phoenix Reply

    Try "tightlining" your upper eyelash line instead of using regular eyeliner. It works even better.

    June 6, 2018 at 8:31 am
  • Hey, It's Aimee Reply

    Lmao ive been doing the first eye dangggg

    June 6, 2018 at 8:51 am
  • V Schwarz Reply

    I clicked on this video because NY eyes are just like the girl in the thumbnail, can you tell me who is she and where can I find the tutorial for that make up look?

    June 6, 2018 at 9:11 am

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