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Elaxor™ Portable & Expandable 13 Pocket Handbag Insert, Cosmetic Makeup, Purse Organizer, Diaper Bag Organizer (Sky Blue)

  • Material: Nylon; Size: 11.3
  • Multiple pockets to organize your essentials and personal stuff, with two zippered compartments, and Center pocket for larger items
  • Fits into most large purses, totes, handbags, or diaper bags
  • Keeps your phone, keys, purse, cards, purses, make-up, pens and other essential items organized and within easy reach
  • Transports your belongings from one bag to another safely, easy and efficiently
Elaxor 13 Pocket Handy Organizer Are you tired of searching your bag for your phone, keys, PDA, business cards, purse, make-up or pens? Are you tired of sorting from one hand bag to the next when switching over? We have the answer get this Elaxor 13 pocket handy organizer features all the pockets and sections you need to completely reorganize your bag and keep it organized.
This 13 pocket bag is lightweight and it will keep your stuff protected from other items in your bag. It has a doub
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Friends Foundation

No man is an island.

That may sound a cliché but it definitely holds true to everyone – to you, to me, to them.

Remember the first man God has made? He was Adam. He lived alone for a while- the length of time we do not know. However, God saw that he was sad and lonely. He was the highest creature that was made. He had everything he wanted. Yet, he was not happy. Why? It is simply because life without other people is not worth living.

Imagine yourself in Adam

Ski Killington Poster - Vermont Ski And Skiing - Subway Poster, Boyfriend Gift, Husband Gift, Wall Art, Train Scroll, Bus Scroll, Ski Decor

Show your love for skiing and snowboarding throughout Vermont and New England with this Ski Killington - Subway Poster which looks great in your dorm, apartment, lodge or any other room in your house. This Subway Poster allows you to celebrate your favorite Killington ski runs through a vintage typographic design. The poster makes a great gift for all passionate skiing and snowboarding fans.
- Modern, clean, colorful design
- Made to Order, printed just for you!
- Looks great in a dorm,
List Price: $ 24.95 Price: $ 24.95