2011 Forecast: Trends On Interior Colour Palettes

2011 Forecast: Trends On Interior Colour Palettes


When renovating a home, one of the major factors that need to be considered is the interior color. What shades will you use for your living room walls? Will you use them same shade for your bedroom? Your personality and style will be the biggest deciding factor when choosing color palettes for your interior. Before picking a color, it is just about necessary that you keep yourself aware of the latest trends in interior color palettes.

Coffe Brown. Coffe brown schemes used to be a big hit in the 80’s. They are ready to make a big comeback in 2011. The trend combines the old coffe brown combination with more modern themes. The color makes a good choice for both traditional and modern homes.

Sky blue and turquoise. These colors were a huge favorite this year but they’re not ready to take the backseat just yet. Experts say the combination of light blue and turquoise or green will still be a big hit in 2011. These palettes give the home an ambiance of freshness. They will look great when matched with the right home décor and pain colors. These colors also make the room look more sophisticated and light. Colors that complement sky blue palettes include deep gold, cream, and bronze. These colors are sure to add beautiful accents to your home interior.

Eco-friendly color schemes. Earth colors exude a very relaxing ambiance. They do not just make homes look and feel light, they also add a touch of sophistication. Tender earth colors like light stone, light sand, Venetian red, smoky purple, and pecan brown are the most in demand eco-friendly palettes at the moment.

Autumn-inspired palettes. They are inspired by cozy, warm and beautiful fall colors. The colors of autumn are very pleasing in the eyes. Purple brick, flax, terracotta, dark chocolate, green pewter, and sandstone are very relaxing to look at. They will make a good choice for bedrooms and offices.

Just like picking the perfect home décor, choosing color palettes for your interior can be quite complicated. It’s not enough that you consider your preference. It needs to match your home theme and the fashion homewares that you wish to purchase. This is why working closely with your interior designer is very important. Know your preference and communicate this to your designer. Not only do they have professional knowledge about color combination, they also know the latest trends in colors and interior design.

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