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Lipsticks Look Best on Women Whose Lips Are Smooth and Nice

Beautiful lips are every woman’s desire but as time passes, some things grow while some things shrink with time. However, things never occur in the order we wish them to happen. Similarly, your lips also tend to lose their charm. You can do many things to get kissable lips that look fuller.

Lipsticks look best on women whose lips are smooth and nice.

To smooth your lips

Exfoliate them and always apply some lip balm when not using lipstick. In order to define your lips shape and make them look larger, begin with lip liner. Ensure that your lip pencil is sharp and nice so that you can create a narrow line. For larger lips, use deep colors and avoid shiny glosses.

Having kissable lips does not mean that you have to use expensive and a wide range of lip products. All it requires is the skill and the selection of the right products.

Few tips for kissable lips:

Exfoliate your lips with sugar. This will soften and clean your lips leaving sweetness behind.
Take a pinch of sugar in your hand.

Soak or wet the fingertips of other hand with water.

Mix sugar with few drops of water.

Using index fingers apply this paste to your lips in a circular motion.

Polishing lips

After exfoliating, apply some petroleum jelly or lip balm immediately. Religiously use a lip balm at bedtime. Apply lip balm, whole day so that your lips remain hydrated. If you will not follow this treatment regularly, than your lips will become dry and may look, dull. Further, it will ensure that you have perfect kissable lips.

Use a lip balm with SPF to avoid sun damage. Exposure to sunlight increases the risk of developing lip cancer, especially among the people taking tobacco or alcohol. If your lip sore is not improving than consult a doctor.

Relaxing lip muscles

Your tension makes your lips appear tight or clenched and because of which your lips becomes less kiss worthy. In order to ensure that your lip muscles are relaxed, open them slightly so that there is little space between both lips through which air passes. This exercise will not only relax your lips but also make them appear bigger.

Frame your lips shape:

For females:

Apply lip liner and fill it with lip-gloss. Wax hairs around the lips so that the disparity between your lips and skin increases. It helps you to get luscious and kissable lips.

For male lips:

In males, facial hairs hide imperfections. Be cautious, if you have sharp stubble long, kissing can lead to abrasions on the face of your partner.

Smokers get smokers line. These are wrinkles and fine line above the top lip. Thus, your lips become less attractive. These lines and wrinkles cannot be prevented until unless one stops smoking. Further, a person has to use make up for hiding them.

Apply lip balm before applying any lip product to prevent it from chapping and drying. These tips will surely help you to have kissable lips.

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